Virus / Malware Removal

If your computer has started to behave differently, wether its slowing down or you're getting random advertising or strange browser behaviour, its possible you have malware, spyware or a virus hiding on your system. All performed on-site whilst you wait, you can even watch how its done!.

$65 - Flat fee, Virus/Malware/Trojan Removal

  • Virus Removal ServiceMalware detection & removal
  • Spyware detection & removal
  • Root kit detection & removal
  • Removal of adware toolbars
  • Removal of browser hijack software and restore browser settings
  • Removal of unnecessary startup software 
  • Firewall settings check
  • Install AV/internet security software if required (software cost additional)
  • In most cases speeds up your PC


Now Servicing These Locations: Frankston, Frankston North & South, Seaford, Langwarrin, Karingal, Carrum Downs, Cranbourne, Cranbourne North & West, Berwick & Surrounds, Narre Warren, Dandenong, Tooradin, Grantville, Bass, Kilcunda, Dalyston, Wonthaggi, Inverloch, Leongatha, Korumburra . 

Book a repair

Just get in touch and book in an appointment, in most cases it can be scheduled within 24-48hrs. The cleanup usually takes around 1 hour.

How does a virus or malware get onto your PC?

It can happen in a variety of ways. Most common ways are via an attachment in your email, or a dodgy link in your emails that leads you to a hacked site or even just visiting a regular site that has malware injected into it and which downloads to your PC without you knowing. Also downloading and installing free software can easily install adware/malware onto your pc without you knowing.

I have a antivirus installed and still got a virus, how is that possible?

Sometimes there are '0 day' exploits, meaning the malware/exploit is already out in the wild before the antivirus companies can come up with a removal solution for you to update with. Also not updating your AV software will leave you unprotected from new exploits so its always important to keep your AV subscription up to date.

My friend says the computer will need to be totally wiped to fix it, is that true?

In most cases the answer is no, you will not have to do a complete wipe. However there are some nasty viruses out there that can cause a lot of damage including deleting important system files which will leave you with a unbootable system, worse case scenario you would need a reinstall. However if this is ever required it should still be possible to retrieve your important files/documents before a reinstall. Additional costs apply for reloading a operating system.

How long does it take to remove the virus or malware?

In most cases its same day turn around, depends on the daily work load.

How much does AV/internet security software cost?

It's only $45 for Trend Micro Internet Security which will provide sufficient protection for your pc.  The cost includes a years worth of updates, after that you can choose to renew your subscription for another year to ensure you're up to date. Or you can choose to have the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials installed which also does a great job.