Smartphone & iPod Repairs

Is your smartphone, tablet or iPod broken? Wether it be a iPhone, Samsung or Motorola smartphone, Crikey can carry out repairs including screen replacements, back glass replacement, iPhone 4/4s/3/3g repairs, iPod & iPad repairs and repairs on other well known brands such as Sony, HTC, Samsung & Nokia. Below is a summary of current pricing for various repairs. If you cant find the repair you need please do enquire about it.

All repairs come with tax invoice and 6-12 month parts and labour warranty. Most repairs can be done SAME DAY & ON-SITE, depending on demand and parts availability.


Now Servicing These Locations: Frankston, Frankston North & South, Seaford, Langwarrin, Karingal, Carrum Downs, Cranbourne, Cranbourne North & West, Berwick & Surrounds, Dandenong, Tooradin, Grantville, Bass, Kilcunda, Dalyston, Wonthaggi, Inverloch, Leongatha, Korumburra . 


 Discounts on bulk repairs - please ask! Prices are subject to change without notice. All pricing is for on-site repair!


PLEASE NOTE PRICING MAY NOT BE ACCURATE CURRENTLY DUE TO THE AUS $, PART PRICES HAVE INCREASED RECENTLY. Please enquire directly for a current quote.smashed iphones/ipad/ipod, can be fixed

iPhone 6 Repairs Cost
 iPhone 6 Screen Assembly Replacement - if your current screen has working LCD & TOUCH, just smashed glass $149
iPhone 6 Screen Assembly Replacement - if your current LCD & TOUCH are damaged $189
 Other iPhone 6 repairs ASK
iPhone 5 Repairs Cost
iPhone 5 Screen Assembly replacement $129
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement $79
Other iPhone 5 repairs ASK
iPhone 5s/5c Repairs  
iPhone 5S Screen Assembly replacement $129
iPhone 5C Screen Assembly Replacement $129
Other 5S/5C Repairs ASK
 iPhone 4/4S Repairs  Cost
 4/4S Digitizer/LCD Replacement, Black or White - HIGH QUALITY PART $99
 4/4S Back Glass Replacement  (non genuine blank back) $49
 4/4S Home button switch replacement $69
 4/4S Battery replacement $69
 Sensor/power cable replacement (fixes power button issues) ASK
 Charge port replacement ASK
 Ear piece speaker replacement ASK
 Loudspeaker replacement ASK
 Vibrator replacement ASK
 Mid-frame replacement (includes power & home button, sensors, charge dock, volume buttons, ear piece & loud speaker) ASK
 Other 4/4S repairs ASK
 iPhone 3GS Repairs Cost
3GS Touchscreen/Digitizer assembly replacement ASK
3GS Flex Replacement (power/sleep switch, mute, headphone, volume) ASK
3GS Home button repair ASK
Other 3GS repairs ASK
 iPod Touch (4th / 5th gen) Repairs Cost
iPod Touch Glass/LCD touch assembly replacement  ASK
iPod Touch Battery Replacement ASK
iPod Touch Speaker Replacement ASK
iPod Touch Home Button Repair ASK
iPod Touch 5 Screen Assembly replacement $155
Other iPod repairs ASK
Samsung Galaxy Phone Repairs Cost
Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Assembly Replacement ASK
Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 Back cover replacement ASK
Samsung Galaxy S II i910 LCD and Touch Assembly replacement ASK
Samsung Galaxy S II i910 Volume button repair ASK
Other Samsung Galaxy S II i910 Repairs ASK
Samsung Galaxy S3 (4G) Full Screen Assembly Replacement ASK
Samsung Galaxy S4 (4G) Full Screen Assembly Replacement ASK
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Screen ASsembly Replacement ASK
Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Replacement ASK
HTC Smartphone Repairs  
HTC One X/XL Screen Assembly replacement ASK
HTC Wildfire Digitizer Replacement ASK
HTC Velocity Digitizer & LCD Replacement ASK
Other HTC Smartphone repairs - please enquire ASK
Blackberry Phone Repairs  
Blackberry Phone Repairs - please enquire ASK
Motorola Phone Repairs Cost
Motorola Atrix II Replacement LCD ASK
Motorol a Atrix II Replacement Touch Screen ASK
Other Motorola Phone Repairs ASK
Nokia Phone Repairs Cost
Nokia N9 Screen assembly replacement ASK
Nokia Lumia 800 screen assembly replacement ASK
Other Nokia Phone Repairs ASK
Sony Phone Repairs
Sony Xperia Z L36H Screen Assembly Replacement ASK
Sony Xperia Z1 Screen Assembly Replacement ASK
Sony Xperia Z2 Screen Assembly Replacement ASK
Sony Xperia Z3 Screen Assembly Replacement ASK
Apple iPad Repairs Cost
iPad 2 Touch Screen Assembly replacement White & Black  $119
iPad 3 Digitizer replacement white & black $119
iPad 4 Digitizer replacement white & black $119
iPad 2/3/4 battery replacement ASK
iPad 2/3/4 charge dock replacement ASK
iPad 2 Other repairs ASK
iPad 1 Touch Screen Digitizer replacement ASK
iPad 1 Other repairs ASK
iPad Mini Digitizer/flex-home replacement ASK
iPad Air Digitizer Replacement ASK
Samsung Tablet Repairs Cost
Galaxy Tab 2 7" Digitizer Replacement $99
Galaxy Tab 3 10" Digitizer Replacement $119
Other Samsung tablet repairs ASK
ASUS T100 / T100T / T100TA  
ASUS T100 / T100T / T100TA Digitiser replacement $180
Phone / Tablet Software Service  
Smartphone / Tablet Factory Reset service & software update ASK

Smartphone/iPod Water Damage Tips

If you drop your smartphone into water be sure to act quick

  • If the device is on, turn it off right away. You can hold the home and power button for a few seconds to force the power off
  • If it was dropped in salt water you need to give it a dip in clean fresh water as the salt water will corrode components
  • Place the device in a zip lock bag full of uncooked rice, leave for at least 3 whole days in the bag of rice. The rice will draw the moisture out of the device. If you have spare packets of silica (they usually come in packaging) use those instead.
  • If possible bring in the device so it can be fully dismantled and cleaned before attempting to turn it on
  • After 3 days power on the device, if it appears to not start as it usually would force shutdown straight away and get in contact with us to organise a inspection of the phone.

 Mail-in Service

If you're not in the local area you can still arrange a repair via mail. Turn around time would be around 3-5 days if using express registered post. Please enquire today to book in a mail-in repair service.