SSD (Solid State Drive) Upgrades

Tired of waiting for your computer to boot up, slow loading programs & crashes? Did you know by upgrading your current hard drive (thats the device that stores your data and operating system) to a brand new Solid State Drive will increase your computer speed by up to 10 times?. Thats right, you're reading correctly, you can make your computer work like new or actually quicker then when it was new with this relatively easy upgrade!.

What's Involved?

Firstly your PC will need to be assessed to see if its worth upgrading to a SSD. In most cases it is, however this all depends on your operating system & other hardware including your current RAM (memory). For example, if you only have 1GB of RAM, then adding a SSD isnt going to give you that much of a boost, however upgrading your RAM and installing a SSD will dramatically improve its performance. There is no cost involved for this assessment, you can either bring in your computer or send a online enquiry with the full specs of your current system.

There are a couple of ways that this upgrade process can be done:

  1. Full Clone - If you're not using too much space currently on your hard drive and just wish for that awesome boost in speed, then a full clone might be ideal. This is when we'll do a complete clone of your data to the new SSD hardware, and install it etc. In most cases this process works flawlessly and can be done within 24hrs. In some cases your Windows license may need re-activating with Microsoft due to change of hardware, however we liases with Microsoft on your behalf to ensure your license stays active. 

  2. Fresh Install - Due to the sizes and costs of Solid State Drives its sometimes not possible to do a full clone as you'll be using a lot of storage space on your current old hard drive. SSD come in a variety of sizes, but as the technology is still relatively new it can get expensive with the more capacity you get. In this case we recommend installing a SSD big enough for your operating system & program files, and then having all your personal data stored on either your existing hard drive (if its health is ok, which will be checked), or a brand new SATA drive. Windows is installed fresh on the SSD along with your hardware drivers and any supplied program installations you require, windows is then configured to store user data to the additional drive. This will still allow for windows and its programs to launch quickly whilst still having the luxury of large storage space on the extra drive.  This process can take 24-48hrs.


Its more affordable then you think, and cheaper then buying a new PC!. Following prices are for Silicon Power branded SSD drives. Samsung EVO drives are also available but will cost a bit more, please do enquire.

60GB SSD Full Clone
Ideal for laptops & notebooks (MAC included) with minimal space requirements.
Cost: $120

120GB SSD Full Clone
Ideal for laptops, notebooks and desktop PC (MAC included) with minimal space requirements
Cost: $160

240GB SSD Full Clone
Ideal for laptops, notebooks & desktop PC (MAC included) with need for some storage space
Cost: $250

For fresh operating installs and setting up of secondary drive for storage add a fee of $65. New hard drives can also be installed for additional storage, please enquire for a quote.