5 Reasons why you need to repair your phone or tablet

Having a broken screen can be down right annoying & unpleasant, it can also pose dangers to yourself and the device.

1. Exposure to the elements

When your devices glass screen is cracked - moisture, dust & dirt can make its way through the cracks and create further damage to your device. The slightest bit of moisture (even from condensation) can create a ‘short’ in the main board and render the whole device useless. 

2. Personal Injury

You are potentially exposing yourself to electrical components in the phone that are usually shielded, your chances of electrical shock are increased by using a damaged phone. I’ve personally come across screen damaged phones to also find other internal damage has been done, in some cases the battery has started to expand which can eventually explode. And of course sliding your finger across a cracked screen can cause injury. When the glass is broken there is tiny microscopic glass particles/dust present which will stay on your finger. Additionally small glass shards may break off whilst in your pocket, bag or even during in use near your ear.

3. Functionality

It may still ‘work fine’ after that first drop, but eventually the touch functionality may decrease or stop working altogether at the most inconvenient moment. Other components can be damaged too and screws become loose inside which can also create further damage.

4. Eye Strain

Reading a cracked screen creates more strain on your eye, you need to focus & concentrate more to make out text & pictures on the cracked screen.

5. Its Embarrasing!

Well it goes without saying, using a broken phone in public can be a little embarrasing especially when you're asked 'so how did that happen?'.